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KBC Official Winner Website Team welcomes you for your interest in India’s Most Favorite TV Show, KBC Jio Lottery Winner Show. This Program is for legal Indians. Any Indian citizen who is over 18 years of age can participate in this Live Game Show. International Residing Indians are also encouraged to register in the contest. No matter in which country they are residing right now.

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Most of the peoples are already familiar with the popular KBC Lottery Winner Series 2021. For those who are not much aware of this Jackpot winning show, lets you briefly. KBC Stands for Kaun Banega Crorepati. This Show was initially started in 2001. It was inspiration copy of British Game Show “Who Wants to be Millionaire”.

KBC Lottery Winner List September 2021

# KBC Lottery Winner List 2020 (July) Lottery Amount Lottery Number Winner City
1 Mr. Vikram Bihari 25,00,000 118**2 Talangana
2 Mr. Tanu Laal 25,00,000 11***21 Meeruth
3 Mrs. Kanta Shri 50,00,000 690***0 Indore
4 Ms. Raagni Kenth 25,00,000 1596**** Jaipur
5 Mr. Aadi Barhman 25,00,000 111***4 Bengaluru
6 Miss. Priya Laxmi 25,00,000 **889** Shimla
7 Mr. Aazam Bohra 50,00,000 459*12* Guwahati
8 Miss. Koshalya Devi 25,00,000 00*125** Ludhiana
9 Mrs. Sanjay Thakur 25,00,000 998*** Bhubaneswar
10 Mrs. Kaushal 50,00,000 *34*900 Visakhapatnam

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